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    Daughters of Indian Soil
  • List of ISSMGE Members
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    List of IGS Members from Indian Geotechnical Society
  • Society Docs
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    IGS Office Bearers Oath
    SOP for IGS Local Chapters 2023
    SOP for IGS Student Chapters
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    Geotechnical Engineering Message to Owners, Architects and Design Engineers.pdf
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    IGS Activity update from 11.02.2023 to 31.03.2023
    AGM booklet 2022
    IGS ACTIVITY REPORT 1 - 15.12.2022 TO 11.02.2023
    Activity Report (1st June to 30th September 2023)
    AGM Booklet 2023
    IGS Activity Report- 01.10.2023 to 31.12.2023
    IGS Activity Report (January-March 2024)
  • ISSMGE Technical Committees
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    ISSMGE TC Timecapsule Report
  • Awards
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    Nomination Forms for Dinesh Mohan Awards
    Nomination Form for Professional Award - Gold Medal for practices on project
    Nomination Form for Professional Award - Outsanding Contribution
    Nomination Form for Professional Award - Leadership Award
    Nomination Form for Professional Award - Young Engineer
    Constitution for professional practice Award
    Nomination Forms for Kueckelmann Awards
    IGS Best Teacher Award - Application Form
    IGS-Aimil Best Local Chapter Award
  • Geotechnical Companies
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    List of Geotechnical Companies
  • Election
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    IGS Election (2023-2024) Nomination
    IGS Election 2022 Procedure
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    IGS Fellowship Membership For Individuals Form
    IGS Institution Associate Membership Form
    IGS student Membership Form
    Lecture Nomination Form - ANNUAL LECTURER-2024
    IGS Ferroco Terzaghi Oration
  • Brainstorming Session Report
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    IGS TC on Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics
    IGS TC on Geotechnical Investigation
    IGS TC on Rock Mechanics and Tunneling
    IGS TC on Numerical and Physical Modelling
    IGS TC on Grouting Manual