Local Chapter

The Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS) is a highly esteemed professional organization dedicated to the advancement of Geotechnical Engineering in India. The Local Chapters of the Society were introduced in 1968 and at present Fifty two (52) Local Chapters (Ujjain recently formed) are functional.

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The society's extensive network of local chapters across the country serves as a platform for geotechnical professionals to engage in the exchange of ideas, dissemination of knowledge, and sharing of experiences. These chapters regularly organize technical meetings, workshops, and conferences, providing a valuable forum for experts from academia, industry, and government organizations to converge and share their expertise. This forum plays a pivotal role in promoting the growth and development of geotechnical engineering in India by facilitating interactions between seasoned professionals and aspiring young minds. Furthermore, the IGS local chapters undertake critical initiatives such as organizing student contests, seminars, and outreach programs, thereby contributing significantly to the promotion of geotechnical engineering education and research in the country.