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    As an affiliated Member Society of ISSMGE, many of our members are members of ISSMGE. Besides, two of our members namely Dr. K.L. Rao & Prof. Dinesh Mohan had the distinction of having served as Vice Presidents representing Asia in the International Body. “Prof. M.R. Madhav was Vice President, Asian Region of ISSMGE for the term 2006-2009.

    IGS members have functioned as Chairmen, Co-chairmen, General Reporters, Co-Reporters and Panelists at International Conferences and served with distinction. IGS nominates its representatives in the various Technical Committees formed by ISSMGE and some of its members have served these prestigious Committees as Chairmen and Secretaries.

    Many papers have been presented by IGS members at the International Conferences and the Asian Regional Conferences projecting the research and developments in the country. Over the years, we had sizeable presence in these Conferences.

    IGS Exchanges its publication with other National Societies, particularly of the Asian Region. Exchange relationships with a number of other National Societies outside Asian Region have been established. We have initiated close interaction with, National Societies of SAARC countries also.