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    The President Message

    Dear distinguished colleagues,

    At the outset, I thank the geotechnical fraternity for electing me as President of the prestigious Indian Geotechnical Society for the term 2017-18. I will strive hard to live up to the expectations of the members during the period.

    I am delighted that Prof. J T Shahu is the Honorary Secretary of the Society and both of us together, with the advice and support of Executive Committee (EC), office bearers of different local chapters, and friends and experts from India and abroad, hope to bring in a few changes that make the functioning of the society better in serving the members. To fulfill the above objective, different Sub Committees (SCs) have been constituted to guide the IGS, based on the suggestions from members.

    The following are sub-committees addressing different tasks.

    SC 1:- IGS Website/Home Page
    SC 2:- Membership services
    SC 3:- Professional forum
    SC 4:- Finance and assets
    SC 5:- International cooperation
    SC 6:- Chapter Activities
    SC 7:- Student Chapter activities and continuing education
    SC 8:- Guidance Documents
    SC 9:- Journal/News letter

    All the EC members and a few other members of IGS are the in the above sub committees. It is hoped that the SCs will help the IGS a great deal in moving forward in connecting all the members of various categories (academicians, professionals, students, engineers and contractors, students) and provide services in a professional manner.

    The homepage of the Society is being updated and online membership platform is created to facilitate new members joining IGS. Considerable focus is being given to professional-academia interactions and it is hoped that more professional bodies join IGS and make it more vibrant. It will also create job opportunities to youngsters and IGS will benefit from interactions of the professionals and academia. On the international front, it is a pleasure to inform you that Korean Geotechnical Society (KGS) has accepted our suggestion to conduct a Indo-Korean Workshop during the ICSMGE in September 2017 in Seoul. Preparations are also going on to organize a Indo-Japan workshop during IGC in Guwahati during December 2017.

    There are 42 local chapters of IGS and it is desirable that these chapters organize programs to meet the local/regional/national needs from time to time. It is also useful if two to three chapters join together and make a good technical program that benefits all the members. A few chapters have been dormant for quite some time and it is requested that the active members of the local chapters take initiatives in reviving the chapters and IGS will be happy to help in this regard.

    Student chapters have been initiated in the recent years in a couple of institutes/colleges and it is an excellent sign that there is lot of interest in the students towards geotechnical engineering. It is our prerogative to nurture these young minds and help them.

    Prof. A Sreerama Rao, President in the last term, initiated steps towards preparation of technical guidance documents and this is an important step for a professional society like ours. Further efforts will be made in this direction in the coming years.

    I have been able to serve as Editor in Chief for the Indian Geotechnical Journal for six years and I thank the Indian Geotechnical Society for giving me the opportunity. I made efforts to make the journal, online with co-publishing agreement with Springer Nature Publications. Now the journal is doing very well with a number of technical papers contributed by authors and experts from India and abroad. We have also brought out a number of special issues on important topics and the IGS is also earning royalty to the extent of about 4.5 lakhs.

    I thank Prof. G Madhavi Latha, the Associate Editor and Editorial Board members, reviewers and authors as well as readers for making the above success possible. Now, I am very pleased to inform you that Prof. G Madhavi Latha, is the Editor in Chief and Prof. Deepankar Choudhury is the Associate Editor. I am sure that the Journal is going to reach greater heights and wider readership. I look forward to suggestions from you all and I shall remain.

    Yours sincerely
    Best regards
    Prof. G. L. Sivakumar Babu

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